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Ready to make the switch? We’ve done some digging and found electric cars are a lot more practical and affordable than you think. With increased battery power, more charging stations, and better options than ever, there has never been a better time to buy and electric car. So what are you waiting for?

Why You Need to Use The eGallon Calculator

Ever wondered why the eGallon Calculator is so useful? Well, we wanted to provide the essential knowledge that people should know about it, so we...

Car Reliability Ratings That You Should Check Before Buying an EV

If you have been following trends in the automotive industry, you may have noticed the insurgence of electric cars, also known as electric vehicles...

Your Definitive Guide to Custom Electric Cars

With the advent of new flagship electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3, there is now a growing market for custom electric cars. Whether it is a...

Solid State Batteries – 5 Important Facts That You Should Know

image credit: Pixabay There is a worldwide agreement that solid state batteries are the next energy revolution. Excitement about the development of...

Toyota Electric Car: Best Brand For Car Enthusiast Like You

It is official: the electric car will rule the roads in the future. Most experts agree that it is a question of when and not if the electric...

Ford Electric Car – Best Brand In Producing Good Quality Of EV

Image via unsplash Electric cars are becoming an increasingly familiar sight on the roads and at dealerships. With the cost of owning and electric...

Electric Car Lease Deals – Why It Is More Popular than Buying?

Leasing instead of buying an electric vehicle offers an affordable option, and you can have the car you want. When the lease period ends, you simply...

How Much Does It Cost to Charge a Tesla Electric Vehicle?

Image from PxhereWith all of the hype, tax breaks, and media surrounding electric cars, there are bound to be some questions. Have you ever wondered...

Benefits Of Electric Cars That Some Owners Might Not Aware Of

If you’re tired of breathing in toxic car fumes and want to do something proactive for the environment, you could think about making the switch to...

Top 10 Tips For Building An Electric Truck

An electric truck could save you a ton of cash at the gas pump, but you may not be able to afford the sticker price of the new electric...

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