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The future of cars is clean power and electric, and you can read about it here, at NoFillUp.

The future of cars is clean power and electric, and you can read about it here, at NoFillUp. Learn the latest about electric cars, solar cars, charging stations, news and events, and how we can improve the environment.

Electric cars have been around for nearly two hundred years. The first electric car was built by Scottish inventor Robert Anderson in 1832. An electric taxi service hit the streets of New York City in 1897, along with the first wave of mass-produced electric vehicles.

But gas-powered automobiles soon eclipsed the electrics, fueled by Ford’s innovations and the low price of oil. In addition, gas cars could travel farther and had greater horsepower. And for the next century, fossil fuel powered vehicles would reign supreme. But, the world is ready for a cleaner, smarter, more environmentally responsible vehicle.

Now, more than a hundred years after Ford’s first Model T hit the roads, electric vehicles are making a comeback — this time due to concerns about the environment. For the first time, EVs are able to match the speed of gasoline-powered automobiles, and their range is greater than ever.

You can buy luxury EVs that rival any fancy gas powered car. There are electric minivans, sports cars, family cars, and more. What’s more, you can build your own.

The future is electric, and you can read about it here, at NoFillUp.

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What NoFillUp is About

At No Fill Up, we love electric cars, and we want to tell the world about it. Our writers are makers and car enthusiasts, environmental nerds, and early adopters. Whatever you want to know about electric vehicles — how they work, where to buy one, where to find parts, or how to build your own — you can find it here.

Electric Cars

Learn about what kinds of electric cars are on the road today. How much do they cost? How fast can they go? What does today’s EV technology look like? Who’s making electric cars right now? And where can consumers find the top-rated EVs for sale? Where do you get parts for your electric car? And how can you build your own? All EVs, all the time. Find it here.

Solar Cars

What’s going on with solar car development? Will a solar-powered car ever be able to match a battery powered EV for performance and speed? How is a solar car different from a battery powered electric? Your solar car questions answered here.

Charging Stations

What’s up with EV charging stations? Where can you find them? How do they work, and who maintains them? Everything you wanted to know about charging stations, right here, right now.

The Environment

Perhaps the most pressing question for EV enthusiasts. How can EVs save the world? What’s the feasibility of replacing delivery and work vehicles with electric versions? What about battery disposal? Find answers to your questions about the environment right here.

News and Events

What does the future of electric cars look like? What’s going to roll off the assembly line next? Are there any electric car shows or conventions coming my way? Who will be the next big player in electric car manufacturing? All the EV news that’s fit to print, here at No Fill Up.

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