Electric cars are cool. No two ways about it. And custom electric cars are even cooler. Builders and owners are always finding interesting ways to make their electric vehicles their own.

And they come up with some amazing ideas.

Custom Electric Cars

We’ve scoured the web and the world to bring you the craziest, sexiest, coolest customized electric cars out there. In addition, we’ll show you where you can go to get your own. Or even build your own! Have a look.


custom electric cars conversion

Image CC BY 2.0 by Alex Wiebe, via Flickr.

One of the most popular ways to build an electric car is by switching out the gas powered motor for an electric motor and battery pack. You can do this with virtually any car. And it’s not hard to find conversion kits for sale. Watch the video below to see seven cool conversions, as well as an interview with a custom electric car builder.

Race, Muscle, and Performance Cars

Custom electric cars are turning up in surprising places. And one of these places is motorsports. One of the common complaints about early electric cars was that they couldn’t generate enough horsepower to go really fast. Not anymore!

Check out this exciting video of the Zombie 222 from Bloodshed Motors. Bloodshed bills their creation as “the fastest custom-made electric muscle car.” And we believe them!

Electronmonkey posted this sweet customized electric car, the Silent Scream, on Instagram. How fast can an electric race car go? Well, your basic “Formula E” car has at least 250 horsepower and is able to go from zero to 62 miles per hour in 3 seconds.

In addition, Formula E cars have a maximum speed of around 140 mph. Formula E racing is a worldwide phenomenon, with drivers and races around the globe. If you want to watch some amazing electric car racing, you can check it out here, at the Formula E website.

This amazing lime green custom electric car was made to race on ice! How cool is that?


Image CC by 3.0, by Kapege.de, via Wikimedia Commons.

Velomobiles, or “bicycle cars” are enclosed human powered vehicles designed to travel on roads. But some recent manufacturers have added an electric engine. The result is a human-powered vehicle that can travel as fast as an automobile. And these are amazing. Check out the Raht Racer from Kronfeld Motors, for example. Its electric engine can boost pedal power to reach freeway speeds! Or Arcimoto’s FUV (“Fun Electric Vehicle”). This three-wheel powerhouse can travel up to 130 miles between charges, and travel at speeds up to 80 miles per hour. In addition, the FUV can carry two people and their gear. These electric velomobiles start at around $11,000 and go up in price from there.

Check out these, and other exciting electric assisted velomobiles in this video.

The Custom Hybrid Car

If you’re a fan of hybrids, but can’t afford one, you could try building your own custom hybrid car.

Students at Middle Tennessee State University have come up with a kit that can help you to convert your car to a hybrid for about $3,000. Learn how below:

Custom Electric Car Kits

Kit cars are fun, and builders love to trick their creations out with all sorts of unique touches. If the idea of a conversion doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can build custom electric cars from kits that contain everything, from the headlights to the (lack of a) tailpipe.

Make Magazine has the lowdown on this three-wheeled electric dune buggy from Switch Lab. The Switch Lab kit starts at $6,950 without electric components. The complete kit will run you between $14,000 and $30,000 complete, depending on the performance options you choose.

But for that price, the package also includes the Switch Lab’s education system of workshops, written and video instructions, and detailed plans. Make claims the buggy can be built in about a week, and it sure looks fun.

Custom Electric Cars for Sale

If money is no object, you might consider working with a company that builds custom electric cars.

Electric GT of California creates custom electric performance cars. These electric conversions of classic sports cars start at around $50,000. You can check out some of Electric GT’s gorgeous work here, or go to their website to see their custom electric cars for sale.

Another California company, EV4U does custom conversions of many kinds of cars. In addition, they run hands-on electrical vehicle conversion workshops. Their conversions start a bit cheaper — around $8,000.

You can also look for custom electric cars for sale at auto shows, and on websites such as EVFinder.com.

In Conclusion

Electric cars are not just for saving the environment. They can be a lot of fun, too. Whether you’re a motorsports enthusiast, a budding builder, or just a collector, there’s an electric car waiting for you.

Feature Image is in the public domain, by Elena Regina, via Flickr.

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