If you have ever wondered what it would be like to own an electric car, had questions about the cost, reliability or effectiveness of electric car ownership, then you should look at attending an electric car event.

There are several major events put on by different groups. Each year the knowledge and awareness increase and more and more people attend the events. What are the events? How can you find them? This article will cover the larger events and all the information needed to learn, locate and attend.

Why Electric Car Events?

Electric car events are car shows that have a purpose to educate and inform instead of showing off cars. While they do that, too, the larger purposes are to educate people on the benefits of electric car ownership.

The events are meant to bring awareness to the public, show what is being done in the electric automotive industry, start drives to rely less on coal energy and more on sustainable natural energy such as solar and wind, and how to create jobs in the electric car market.

One of the largest events is the annual National Drive Electric Week. There are others, some are local, some are national, but the NDEW is the oldest and most established.

National Drive Electric Week Event

National Drive Electric Week is one of, if not the, largest volunteer-based events in the world for electric vehicles. In 2017 they reached a milestone for having at least one event in all 50 states plus Washington D.C. as well as international events in Canada and the United Kingdom.

The event is meant to bring awareness of electric and plug-in electric, or hybrid, cars, trucks and motorcycles to all areas of the country. Staffed by volunteers and sponsored by car companies and other industry providers, the event is meant to show everyone the benefits of going electric.

Every year, the event kicks off for a week (hence the name) usually in September. They have a website where you can find more about events near you, or if there isn’t one, how you can volunteer to host your own event.

In eight of the 2017 events around the country, Nissan used the opportunity to unveil the Nissan Bolt, a fully electric car with improved runtime and mileage abilities. While each individual event doesn’t last the entire week, some do, especially in larger metropolitan areas.

Either for a day or for a week, if you have the chance to attend an event, you should. You will learn more about the electric car industry than any article can teach you. You will get hands-on experience, learn about the new and upcoming features and get to meet local, like-minded individuals.

Everyone at the events has the same goal: reduce pollution, move our dependence off of fossil fuels and make the future better for everyone, by reducing pollution and raising awareness.

Ride and Drive Events

Electric vehicle ride and drive events happen year round all over the country. These events, unlike national drive week events, are designed to showcase the latest in technology and electric or hybrid design.

While there are stand-alone events, the ride and drive showcase events can be found combined with other local venues and attractions such as state fairs, carnivals or car shows.

The idea behind the ride and drive is to give anyone, regardless of age, a chance to either drive or ride (for the younger ones) in an electric vehicle to see if it is something they are truly interested in. The main idea is to grow interested in the electric car market and make people aware that the industry is thriving and growing.

It is because of these type of events that new electric car registrations are growing. Over the last three years, the average UK registration has increased two percent. The numbers vary by state in the US, but they increase every year as well.

Other Benefits of Events

Aside from public awareness of electric cars and trucks, the events also allow people to learn about the electric car industry and how it can save on air pollution, decrease the need for reliance on coal and fossil fuels, help save the environment and save them money.

Air pollution, especially in heavy traffic areas increases regularly. By using electric and hybrid cars, these pollutants can be reduced by 60 percent. This awareness alone has helped increase electric car sales and usage.

While it doesn’t do much for road noise pollution, which is mainly the byproduct of tires on the pavement, the air quality does improve with more and more electric cars on the road, as they have zero direct emissions.

The decrease in the need to obtain and manufacture petroleum also cuts down on the life cycle pollution levels. Fewer coal plants are needed less often to manufacture oil and gasoline. This reduction, over time, could help eliminate smog and air pollution in plant areas and nearby cities.

Reducing pollution is one way to save, the other is to save money. Because of the initiatives by the EPA and local and federal governments, you can get rebates just for purchasing or owning an electric vehicle. Depending on the area you are in these rebates will vary. You may also be entitled to a tax break on your federal income taxes.

Further savings come from the decrease in purchasing fuel. If you have an all-electric car or truck you won’t have to purchase gasoline for it ever. With the cost of gas increasing every year you can end up saving quite a lot. Even hybrid will save in fuel consumption as they don’t require near as much to run as a standard vehicle.

Getting Involved Locally

With all of the different events nationwide, it is easy to get involved. If you already own an electric car, you know first hand of the benefits of ownership. You can use your knowledge and help spread the word by volunteering at a local event or starting your own.

If you do not own an electric car and would like to learn more, these events are the perfect way to get all the information you need. You can talk to owners, test drive electric and hybrid cars, trucks or motorcycles and even see the latest in technology and advancements from industry experts and leaders.

The entire process is aimed at getting people out and aware of the electric car industry., the benefits of electric vehicle ownership and the impact it has on the environment, pollution and out cities air quality.

The idea is that the more people they can educate through ride and drives, events and expos, the faster the electric car industry will catch on and the sooner we can move away from fossil fuels and pollution.

In Conclusion

Electric car events are not designed to sell cars. The main focus is to bring awareness to the industry and the many benefits that owning an electric car, truck or motorcycle can bring. Pollution is always a large factor and electric cars give us an alternative power source with no direct emission pollutants.

With the National Drive Electric Week, an entire week in September is set aside to bring this information to the public. Now spanning at least one event in every state, Washington D.C. and internationally, the worldwide event brings knowledge, information and passion to the public.

Ride and drive events are more sporadic and are geared at getting people into an electric car to show them what they are really capable of; to squash stereotypes about a lack of power, or performance and to let people know these cars are here to stay.

With companies like Tesla, Nissan and Honda leading the way, it won’t be long before electric cars and trucks can perform just as well, if not better than their gasoline-powered counterparts. Until that time comes, we will still rely on gasoline-powered engines to provide us with longer trips, workloads and general driving.

However, the federal government, local governments and agencies like the EPA are cracking down on pollution controls and the need for alternative fuel sources is becoming more and more necessary.

Currently, we can produce electricity through solar power, wind and water power, which greatly reduces the pollution produced by the power plants. As technology advances and the electric car events gain popularity, it won’t be long before electric or hybrid cars are the norm and not the underdog.

When that happens, we will see a huge reduction in pollution, a rise in overall air quality and better homeostasis in the environment. Making these issues public knowledge and gaining awareness is the main goal of these electric car events and expos.

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