Everyone wants to belong, and if you look hard enough, you can find a group for any interest you have. Car groups are much easier to find. You don’t have to go very far or search very long to find a car group. Electric car groups are no different. Readily available and easy to find, join and establish.

This article will examine electric car groups, what they do and where they can be found. Whether you want to join a local group an association or maybe even start your own, electric car groups can be found all over the world; there is probably one in your local area.

Big to Small Electric Car Groups Cover it All

One of the largest car groups in the nation is Plug In America. Plug in America was one of the first advocacy groups for plug-in hybrid and electric cars founded. Their early adaption advocated the switch to electric cars to reduce the dependence on petroleum products and reduce direct emissions and pollutants.

The group founded the National Drive Electric Week which is a nationwide (and now in six different countries) to bring to the public the knowledge, help and understanding of electric cars. If you are interested in electric cars, Plug-in America is a great place to start.

While they are in every single state, they may not be in your exact local area. However, they are growing larger every year and they have made it easy to volunteer, or even start your own local chapter.

To join Plug-in America, you simply have to have an interest in electric or hybrid cars. It does help if you drive one, but it is not a requirement. You can join a network, make a monetary donation, donate your time and expertise, or even help the group by writing your local and federal government officials to help advocate for more clean air actions and push for more stringent petroleum standards.

The non-profit organization uses their platform to not only inform consumers of the benefits of electric vehicles but also governments and car manufacturers. The group has helped make it possible for electric vehicles to be accepted and sold along with gas-powered vehicles and are helping to enforce stricter guidelines for petroleum processing to cut down on pollutants.

Electric Car Association

The Electric car association is another non-profit group that caters to the consumer for help, knowledge and information. While the group does advocate for air quality standards and pollution reduction, their focus is more on bringing the knowledge of electric vehicles to the public.

They hold events where the public can come and join in the fun, learn about electric vehicles and they even host ride and drive events. These events let you drive an electric vehicle, so you can see first hand what the fuss is about.

They have chapters in every state across the US and even international ones as well. You can join a local chapter, or if you find that there isn’t one close enough to you, you can create a new chapter.

If you are an electric car enthusiast, want to help protect the environment and love to educate the general public on all the benefits of electric vehicles, then joining or starting a chapter with the electric auto association might be a good fit for you.

Membership is fast and pretty easy and once you are a member, you can receive a certificate of enrollment and be a part of one or more different types of clubs. The EAA has three basic premises.

For the general public, they act as a credible source of information, advocate for electric car availability, fundamentals, research and development. They promote electric vehicles to the public and educate you on everything about the industry.

For their chapters, the EAA give financial support to allow the chapters to host events, give support and information that can be passed along to the members and public and use their basis in the industry as a leverage point when dealing with legislation.

For members, they act as an advocate for electric vehicle owners and as a centralized information source.

The main idea is to bring the electric vehicle knowledge and understanding to everyone in the nation to help raise the awareness and need for electric vehicles.

Other Groups

There are several other groups and advocates throughout the United States. These electric vehicle associations do the same as the big two mentioned earlier but on a smaller and more localized scale.

You can find these groups through local meetups and car shows. You will be able to join or attend the events as a guest and get the information you need form like-minded individuals that are also into electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle associations will help you decide if an electric car is for you or if there is anything you should be concerned about. Most notably the upfront cost of ownership is a big concern.

Obviously, this will vary from location to location. If you are unsure what you should be paying for an all-electric or hybrid vehicle these associations will be able to help you out. They can also help you with other important matters that concern electric car ownership.

Similar concerns would include charging stations. While it is important to have your own dedicated charging port at home, you may find yourself needing a charge while on the go. Because electric vehicles aren’t as popular yet, the availability of charging is still not widespread.

While you can look up stations that supply power outlets you will be better off finding members of a group to assist you in the location of the best ones, easiest to access or cheapest to pay for. Everything you could want to know about your electric car or a future purchase of an electric car can be found through one of these groups.

Non-Member Options

Of course, if you don’t want to be a member or take the time out to join an electric car group or association, but you do want to help there are several non-member options available to you. Sometimes our schedule doesn’t allow for us to do everything we want and not everyone has the time or can make the time to do the group activities.

You can always still donate your efforts. There is always legislation that can be amended, fought for (or against) in the areas that concern electric vehicles. You can always write a letter or phone your local, state or federal congressmen to ask them to push for (or against) these bills or legislative agreements.

These can include pollution standards, approving grants for research pertaining to electric vehicles, etc. Your local groups will have the information and numbers or addresses you need to help. As long as you are a registered voter, you can make these calls and right these letters without being a member of the group.

If you can’t volunteer your time, you can always donate your money. Donations are always accepted by local chapters and groups. These donations allow the groups to provide their services and hold their public events for the public.

You can also use your charitable donation on your taxes since most, if not all, or the groups and associations are non-profit and registered. Either, through your money, your time or by joining the group yourself you can always help advocate for better air quality, stricter pollution standards and electric car innovation.

In Conclusion

Advocation of electric cars is just one small part of what electric car groups and electric car associations do. Their primary focus is to bring the knowledge of electric cars to the public. The knowledge of what electric cars can and cannot do, their benefits to the environment and how automotive pollution affects air quality and the impact on the environment.

Plug in America may be the largest single group worldwide. They are the group that started the National Drive Electric Week event that has helped members and the general public become aware of electric vehicle benefits.

With this group and their events, they have been able to advocate for the switch to electric cars and away from petroleum-based fuels. Their knowledge and foundation have brought pollution advocation to the public and made it easy to get involved.

Other groups such as electric car associations and groups also advocate, inform and promote electric cars and trucks. You can find, join or donate to any or all of these groups and associations in your local area. Finding one in every state and in international cities around the world.

If there isn’t a group close to you, you can always start your own. Getting in contact with the closest chapter, you will get all the help and information you need to start your own local group and continue to fight for pollution standards, advocate electric car initiatives and get more of the general public aware of electric car benefits.

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