The Tesla Model 3 is the latest release of the Tesla electric car. This vehicle, while not unique in being an electric vehicle, is different from the other vehicles on the market today thanks to its extended drive capability. Additionally, depending on where you live, there might be a number of Tesla charging stations available, which makes it easy to stop, park, carry out your activities, and then leave with a fully charged battery. If you're interested, or even curious, about buying a Tesla, you'll need to use the Tesla Model 3 configurator. 

What Is the Tesla Model 3 Configurator

tesla model 3 configurator

When it comes to creating your own personalized Tesla Model 3, you'll want to either stop into a showroom or use the online Tesla Model 3 configurator. Unlike other car manufacturers, Tesla does not use dealerships.

This has caused it to run into trouble in some states where it is required by law for a car to be sold through a dealership. The large automakers in the United States established the dealership requirement early in the 1900s to make it easier to sell cars to consumers. As the manufacturers put it, this way they could focus on building cars and the dealers could focus on selling cars.

The Tesla Model 3 configurator takes out the hassle of going to a dealership and attempting to haggle on price. Sometimes this can help you secure a car with a great price, especially if the next generation model years have come out, but often it means you have no real idea what you'll end up paying (not to mention dealerships charge additional transportation fees).

With the Tesla Model 3 configurator, you avoid this and build your very own vehicle that can be delivered to your door.

The Tesla Model 3 configurator makes it possible to adjust a Tesla Model 3 to better fit your personal needs. The website makes it possible to customize a number of features, so whether you want a long range model or a standard configuration, you're able to have your Tesla designed exactly how you like it and then built to meet your specifications.

tesla model 3 configurator

Tesla Model 3 Configurator Pros and Cons


  • Easy to Design
  • User-friendly Configurator


  • Confusing Pricing List

When it comes to the Tesla Model 3 configurator, there aren't many cons associated with it. However, it's still a good idea to go over what the system is and what to expect when you log onto the system and build your own vehicle.

The Benefits

First of all, it's easy to design your vehicle. You start by visiting the website which walks you through the process of designing your vehicle. It also tells you exactly what each feature or product upgrade does, so you're not merely guessing. When you go to other manufacturer websites and try to build using the car builder tools, there are usually no explanations as to what the upgrades do. It tells you about a bigger engine, but you don't know how this equates to towing or performance (unless you're a car enthusiast).

With the Tesla Model 3 configurator, all you do is click the configuration you like and the website tells you how it affects the price and what it will do to your vehicle. With the website, you'll learn how long a certain upgrade or feature might have on your waiting time. The Tesla Model 3 is built specifically for you, so the waiting time will vary.

If you go with the basic configuration as it is set up, delivery time is between 6 and 10 weeks. The standard battery for the Tesla Model 3 has been depleted, so it will not be available for another 4 to 6 months, which means if you want the standard battery, which is the cheapest option, another 4 to 6 months will be added to the expected delivery time.

The Drawbacks

The main issue with the Tesla Model 3 configurator is unless you read some fine print, you might become confused with how much you'll pay for the vehicle. At the bottom of the page there are two prices listed. One is a "Before Savings" listing and the other, which is listed first, is the "After Incentives and Gas Savings" listing. However, you are paying the "Before Savings" price. This is because the incentives include an available $7,500 federal tax credit, which you may or may not be able to utilize (it also expires at the end of 2018).

So chances are this $7,500 will not be fully available as it only is available to you if you receive your Tesla Model 3 before the end of 2018 and not if you ordered it before the end of the year. The federal government has axed most electric tax credits for a number of reasons.

Things to Know About Tesla's Model 3 Configurator

Color Options

There are five color options available. It comes in black, gray, blue, white, or red. However, one thing you might not realize is the black color is the cheapest. It gets more expensive with the different color changes. In fact, the difference between a black Tesla Model 3 and a red Tesla Model 3, without any other changes, is $2,500. So if you want any other color besides black, you will be paying for it.

Battery Options

The standard battery will not be available for some time, so if you order a Tesla right now, you'll either need the mid-range battery, which is a rear-wheel drive setup, a long-range battery, which is a dual motor all-wheel drive design. Another option is a performance battery, which is also a dual motor all-wheel drive design.

The mid-range battery gives you an estimated travel range of 260 miles, a top speed of 125 miles per hour, and the ability to go from 0 to 60mph in 5.6 seconds. The long-range motor boosts these numbers, giving you a 310-mile range (a difference of 50 miles), a top speed of 145 miles per hour, and an ability to go from 0 to 60mph in 4.5 seconds. The performance battery gives you the same range but boosts the top speed to 155 miles per hour and allows for the ability to go from 0 to 60mph in 3.3 seconds. The different battery types also come with some varying upgrades on the interior of the vehicle.

Added Upgrades

When you select the upgraded batteries, the improved performance feature gives you 20-inch upgraded performance wheels, performance brakes, a carbon fiber spoiler, lowered suspension, aluminum alloy pedals, and a track mode. Some of these features can be added on individually if you want to go with one of the other battery options, so it depends on what you're looking for.

The dual motor all-wheel drive performance battery has a starting price point of $18,000 more than the mid-range battery (which means it is even more than the standard battery), so you must decide if the added 50 miles, improved speed, and added performance features are worth the higher price point.


There are two interior selection options available. You can go with the all black design or the black and white design, which uses the white to accent the black. The black and white design increases the price of the vehicle by $1,000. Other than this, there are no other special features that come with the black and white design.


You've probably heard a good amount about the enhanced autopilot feature, as it is designed to improve your vehicle's steering, braking, and accelerating. It's a helpful feature but also a costly one. To have it installed before delivery will cost you $5,000. Should you decide you want to have the upgrade, after delivery fees you'll spend $7,000. So this is an upgrade which will need to be put in before installation.

Delivery Time and Cost

When you're done with the Tesla Model 3 configurator, it will tell you what the cost and what the delivery time will be. If you max out the car completely and take all the possible upgrades, you will end up spending $72,500 for the vehicle. This is the purchase price of the car although if you're able to land the savings it will come down (exactly how much is yet to be determined). You will need to put down $2,500 upon completing the design to begin the vehicle build.


The Tesla Model 3 is one of the leading electric vehicles in the world. The battery life on these vehicles is longer than most other electric vehicles currently available, so if you're on the market for an electric vehicle that can hold a longer travel range, this may just be the vehicle for you. You can use the Tesla Model 3 configurator to design your own vehicle and discover exactly what it might cost you and how long you might have to wait for your desired Tesla.

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